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Our Impact


Tons of CO2e Neutralized


Raised For Environmental Causes


Nonprofits Supported


REVERB Volunteer Hours


Tours Greened


Gallons Biodiesel in touring fleets


Fan Actions

Volunteer From ditching disposable plastic to volunteering for community service, donating food to registering to vote--fans have taken millions of actions to support thousands of environmental campaigns and organizations at both our Action Villages at concerts and online.  TAKE ACTION NOW!


Single-Use Plastic Bottles Eliminated

NalgeneShowcase-1200x800-01(1) The #RockNRefill program, a partnership between REVERB and Nalgene, helps tours, venues, and festivals kick their single-use plastic water bottle habit. Since 2013, we've been creating a new way of hydrating for artists and fans, offering free water refill stations and custom Nalgene bottles. In addition to helping to eliminate plastic water bottles, #RockNRefill has raised over $2 million for nonprofits. LEARN MORE


Nonprofits Supported

LocalGroup_Image REVERB has worked with thousands of nonprofits at concerts throughout the country. From small to large, local to international, we have worked with organizations of all kinds that are working to create a better future for people and the planet.  LEARN MORE


REVERB Volunteer Hours

DMB Volunteers REVERB works with thousands of volunteers every year at concerts and festivals all over the country.  Volunteers have amassed over 136,000 hours doing everything from working with bands at community service projects to empowering fellow fans to take action for people and the planet.

Become a Volunteer

Transform a concert into an opportunity to create a better world. Volunteer with REVERB and turn your passion into action!