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Xfinity Center 2018


Increasing Sustainability and Helping the Community

REVERB and Xfinity Center have partnered together since 2016 to offer fans a chance to ditch disposables and support local families in need.


  • 37,467 Fan Actions on site
  • 19,200+ Single-Use Plastic Bottles Eliminated at shows
  • $2,621 Raised for local food bank

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Xfinity Center has always been a leader in venue sustainability. From single-sort recycling, to an onsite greenhouse, to (and this is true) goats that mow the lawn, they’re doing things right.

In 2016, REVERB became a partner to help them do things even better. We brought our #RockNRefill program to the venue providing free filtered water to fans, offering custom Xfinity Center Nalgene reusable bottles, and raising money to support a local families in need.

This year’s program saw our best results yet! Fans broke our single-season venue bottle donation record, which resulted in over $2,600 in support to local food bank, Our Daily Bread. Since 2016, theĀ  #RockNRefill program at Xfinity Center has eliminated the use more than 31,000 single-use plastic bottles at shows and raised over $6,800 for Our Daily Bread.

Thanks to Xfinity Center, Live Nation, Nalgene, and all the incredible volunteers and fans that supported the #RockNRefill program and helped local families!

At Every Show

  • #RockNRefill

  • Volunteers

  • Water Station