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Environmental Rider

The Tour will be working to reduce our environmental impact. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. We will reach out to arrange a time to discuss your current programs and infrastructure and make a plan for your show date.

Environmental Program Contact:
Chris “Example” Green

Backstage Recycling & Waste Management

Please provide recycling backstage as outlined here, at a minimum:

  • 3 large containers:
    • Catering(1)
    • Dressing room hallway(1)
    • Merchandise count-in area (1,cardboard only)
  • In addition, smaller (at least 7 gallon) individual recycling containers must be set in every band/crew/production room/office.

If recycling must be sorted, please provide enough additional vessels to properly sort materials in each of the above locations. If you have single-stream recycling available, one vessel in each location is great.

Before day of show, we need confirmation of waste management and collection program. All housekeeping staff must receive a refresher on materials to be recycled vs. trash and how/where those materials are to be handled.

Backstage Hospitality

  • Please do not purchase any new items for hospitality (mirror, furniture, towels, coffee pot, etc). If new items MUST be purchased, please plan for reuse after our show.
  • If venue creates any welcome signage specific to tour, please plan for upcycle or reuse. We prefer to skip this in exchange for a donation to a local charity.

Backstage Water Stations

  • PROVIDE MINIMUM X (X), 5-GALLON JUGS AND X (X) 2.5 GALLON WATER JUGS FOR CREW WATER AVAILABLE BEFORE THE START OF LOAD IN. This is a show cost. This is crucial as it is in place of all disposable plastic water bottles.
    • Note: One 5-gallon jug is the approximate equivalent of 36 individual (16.9 ounce) disposable bottles. Two 5-gallon jugs eliminates the waste from 3+ cases of water.
  • Provide three locations minimum (catering, loading dock, production hall) for band/crew to fill reusable water bottles.
  • If water coolers are not available on site, please provide 5 gallon water jugs and discuss during advance, as we carry pumps.

Backstage: Local Crew Water

We request that local crew be told to bring reusable bottles from home to use the filling stations backstage. There will not be individual plastic bottles provided.

Backstage: No Idling Policy

If not otherwise in place, please institute and promote a no idling policy for vehicles serving the show (runner vans, deliveries, local vendors, etc.)

Concourse Recycling

Concourse recycling is an important part of our environmental efforts. Please plan to have adequate recycling bins for fan needs throughout the concourse. We recommend a 1:1 ratio of trash:recycling, and adding compost to each set up is encouraged.

FOH: Fan Water Bottles Allowed

As reflected in our tour security rider, please allow all fans to enter with reusable water bottles. These bottles must be: non-breakable, no larger than 32oz., EMPTY

During advance, please confirm type(s) and locations of fan water refill stations (concessions, drinking fountains, etc.)

FOH: Fan Communications

Please include messaging to promote environmental policies in fan communications for this show:

  • Encourage fans to bring empty water bottles
  • Provide fans with public transportation options, information on shuttles, and carpooling incentives

FOH: Disposable Plastic Straws & Bags

Please note that due to the negative environmental impact of single-use plastic, we require your venue to not distribute plastic straws (full size and cocktail) at ALL concession sales points (standard FOH and VIP) and condiment stands. Optionally, you may order and distribute paper straws instead.

Additionally, merch and concessions should not use plastic bags. If you have questions on this point, or currently use any other single-use plastic, please discuss during the advance.

FOH: Concessions

Please confirm concessions will offer fans at least one vegan food entrée option (Impossible Burger or similar) with price parity to the meat option. Additionally, we encourage incentives, discounts and coupons to promote the plant-based option(s).

Please aim to eliminate single use plastic from concessions. Examples include:

-Replace single use plastic drink bottles with cans

-Do not pour drinks from vessel into plastic cups

-Offer bamboo or similar option for serviceware

-Paper straws, if any


$XXXX per venue contribution towards eliminating the carbon footprint of the tour, including venue energy use.