Brittany Howard: The What Now Tour


REVERB and Brittany Howard teamed up on THE 2024 WHAT NOW TOUR to raise money for environmental and social causes close to the artist’s heart.

Through dedicating $1 for every ticket sold, the tour raised over $11,500 for The Venture Out Project and REVERB’s Music Decarbonization Project.


“I work with REVERB because I want to not just make my tours more sustainable, but to advocate for climate action and create positive impacts for communities.” Brittany Howard

As an official Music Climate Revolution partner, longtime advocate for protecting the environment, and active outdoorsperson, Brittany Howard was a natural partner for REVERB on THE WHAT NOW TOUR.

Venturing Out

THE WHAT NOW TOUR contributed to the mission of The Venture Out Project, an organization that brings thousands of queer and trans people on adventures in nature to have fun and diversify outdoor spaces.  

“Partnering with people like Brittany Howard brings more visibility to the work we’re doing.” — SJ, Director of Operations for The Venture Out Project

The funds raised on the tour will subsidize the cost of a 3-day backpacking adventure for 22 queer and trans people!

Decarbonizing Live Music

“The planet is heating up and we’ve got to do something about it. I grew up outside and love to spend my time outdoors. I want future generations to experience what I’ve experienced in nature.” — Brittany Howard

THE WHAT NOW TOUR also supported REVERB’s Music Decarbonization Project, our campaign to directly eliminate carbon emissions created by the music industry and promote the necessary shift away from fossil fuels.

Brittany Howard‘s contribution enhances our efforts to create a clean energy future within live music, while enabling other artists to join in on the movement.