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No More Blood Wood

Harnessing the Power of Music to End Illegal Logging


No More Blood Wood Campaign

Since 2012, REVERB and the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) have teamed up to engage musicians, fans, instrument manufacturers and law makers to end the environmental destruction and social justice violations of illegal logging.


Rainforest Deforestation: Nearly half of all rainforest deforestation is a result of illegal logging, when trees are essentially stolen from national parks or other protected areas.  Green house gas emissions from deforestation are about 1.5 times greater than those from all the world’s air, road, rail and shipping traffic combined.

Climate Change: Illegal logging is a leading contributor to climate change and stopping illegal logging is the one of the most affordable means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Human Rights Violations: Illegal logging operations are usually controlled by organized crime, and human rights violations are frequent, such as forced labor, sexual abuse, and violence against indigenous groups and forest-dependent communities.

Job Cuts and Economic Losses: Illegal loggers do not pay for permits, evade taxes, and pay next to nothing for labor, driving down the price for wood. Legitimate businesses cannot compete, leading to job losses in the US forest products industry. Developing countries have lost an estimated $10 billion to illegal logging.

Species Extinction: Illegal logging is destroying the habitat and leading to the hunting of endangered wildlife, threatening the survival of lemurs, tigers, pandas, orangutans, gorillas, elephants, jaguars, and other animals.


Engaging Musicians

The Musician’s Pledge
Many major artists have signed our pledge in support of the laws that prohibit illegal logging, calling upon the music community to join in their commitment to stop all trade in illegal timber, and stating they will not buy a new instrument without asking where the wood comes from.

Musician’s Who Have Signed the Pledge

Mick Jagger Sting
Dave Matthews Band Jack Johnson
Willie Nelson Maroon 5
Jason Mraz My Morning Jacket
Linkin Park David Crosby
Lenny Kravitz Barenaked Ladies
Sarah McLachlan John Kay (Steppenwolf)
Bryan Adams Simon Le Bon
Deborah Harry Brandi Carlile
Lily Allen Sara Bareilles
Bonnie Raitt Brad Corrigan (Dispatch)
Guster Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel)
Bob Weir Of A Revolution (O.A.R.)
Ryan Dobrowski & Israel Nebeker (Blind Pilot) The Cab
Pat Simmons (Doobie Brothers) Jack Antonoff
Brett Dennen Razia Said
Lana Del Ray Jools Holland
Artist Field Trips and Documentaries

Guatemala: Maroon 5 and Guster joined REVERB and the Environmental Investigation Agency in the rainforests of Guatemala to learn about the good and the bad of logging practices for musical instruments and other wood products. READ GUATEMALA TRIP BLOG HERE

Peru: Members of Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5, Guster, KT Tunstall and Kanuka Y El Tigre joined us in the Madre de Dios region to live with and learn from indigenous community leaders about their life-and-death struggles with illegal logging.  READ PERU TRIP BLOG HERE

WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY “ANTAMIKI” chronicling the trip to Peru.

Legislative Work – The Lacey Act

In 2008, the United States exercised global leadership to address illegal logging. Passed with bi-partisan support, the US Lacey Act now prohibits the import of wood that was logged illegally. This law has contributed to a 22 percent decline in illegal logging around the world and has saved a billion tons of carbon from being emitted, earning it a silver medal from the United Nations as one of the most important forest conservation laws in the world.

In 2012, REVERB co-founder and Guster frontman Adam Gardner testified to Congress in opposition to proposed bills to weaken the Lacey Act. Coalition partners credit REVERB’s ability to gather major musicians in a singular and powerful voice, convincing Congress to keep the Lacey Act strong:

Engaging the Public

Artist PSA
At Concerts

Since 2013, REVERB has created fan engagement activations reaching tens of thousands at concerts with a number of artists on tour. Beginning with the Barenaked Ladies/Ben Folds Five/Guster “Last Summer on Earth Tour,” REVERB volunteers have distributed and collected Lacey postcards throughout our Eco-Villages. The postcards are signed by fans at each show, collected and then sent to each signatory’s respective representative. Other tours supporting the Lacey postcard activation include Maroon 5 and, currently, Guster’s “Evermotion” tour. Thanks to our artists and volunteers, thousands of fans have been able to help prevent illegal logging by supporting REVERB and the Lacey Act.