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Last Summer On Earth 2018


Last Summer on Earth Tour (Again!)

Barenaked Ladies was the first band REVERB worked with and now 15 seasons later, we’re still on the road with the guys helping to make their tour more sustainable and supporting great causes.

Key Impact Results:

  • 20,000+ fan actions
  • 21,496 single-use water bottles avoided at shows
  • $5,000 raised for the ACLU

Check out the full Impact Report:

In 2004, Barenaked Ladies and REVERB hit the road on the Au Naturale tour marking the start of this great big wonderful ride we’ve been on ever since. Now, 15 seasons down the line, we’re proud to continue our work with BNL on the Last Summer on Earth 2018 Tour and taking action with some of the best fans we’ve ever worked with.

Fans visiting REVERB Eco-Village at every show on the tour were able to:

  • Donate for a #RockNRefill Nalgene Bottle and fill-up at the free water refill stations
  • Write a message to the future with Dear Tomorrow – a nonprofit¬†that asks people to share letters, photos, and videos to their children, family, or future self about their promise to take action on climate change
  • “Defend the Defenders” by writing messages of support to the people on the front lines of fighting illegal logging in central and south America with our partners at the Environmental Investigation Agency

Every fan that participated in the Eco-Village had the opportunity to enter-to-win a guitar signed by the whole band.

Thanks for a great tour!

Barenaked Ladies 2018


At Every Show

  • #RockNRefill

  • Eco-Village

  • Volunteers

  • Water Station

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Supporting Artists

  • KT Tunstall