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Guster: We Also Have Eras 2024


Take Action with REVERB Volunteers

Connect with REVERB Volunteers at every stop on the We Also Have Eras Tour to take the SUPPORT+FEED Plant-Based Pledge!

Join Guster and Support+Feed in taking the pledge to eat one plant-based meal each day for 30 days. Compared with high-meat diets, plant-based diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions, land use, and water pollution by about 75%! (source)

You don’t even have to be fully plant-based to make a big impact. In fact, if every American ate just one less quarter-pound cheeseburger per week, it would be the climate equivalent of removing 10 MILLION cars from the road for a year! (source)

After 30 days, each fan that completes the plant-based pledge will save 11,000 gallons of water, 10 animals, and 200 pounds of CO2!

All fans that take the pledge are entered to win a one-of-a-kind test pressing of Guster’s upcoming NEW album made of biovinyl!

Tour Sustainability

Guster is partnering with REVERB to meet their sustainability goals on tour, working to reduce the environmental footprint of touring and take action on the climate crisis. Efforts include:

  • Eco Fund: Guster has committed $1 per ticket to support REVERB’s Climate Project Portfolio helping to fund projects that measurably draw down greenhouse gas pollution, support frontline communities, and decarbonize music
  • Limit Single-Use: Backstage and on the tour bus, Guster and their crew have committed to using reusable water bottles, insulated mugs, and service ware with a goal of using zero single-use disposables
  • Rechargeable Batteries: All battery-powered gear on stage will use rechargeable, reusable batteries
  • Recycling: On the bus and backstage, all recyclables will be collected and properly diverted from the waste stream
  • Food Waste: The entire tour is committed to reducing food waste by actively monitoring and communicating needs to avoid over-purchase and waste of food

Guster's "We Also Have Eras" Tour


At Every Show

  • Backstage Greening

  • Music Climate Revolution

  • Nonprofits

  • Prizes

  • Volunteers

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