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Guster 2020


Guster 2020

Taking on Climate Change, Neutralizing Fan Travel

Guster is partnering with REVERB on their Acoustic Music & Improv Tour to reduce their environmental footprint and help fans neutralize carbon emissions as part of the unCHANGEit Campaign.


As part of unCHANGEit – Music’s Climate Campaign, Guster is helping fans calculate and neutralize the carbon emissions related to their travel to shows. To take action, fans can:

  • Connect with a REVERB volunteer at a show
  • Answer a few brief questions about how they got there
  • Add up the total mileage they traveled to and from the venue

REVERB will calculate the carbon footprint for all the fans that participate. Then Guster will neutralize all the carbon emissions by funding climate change-fighting projects around the world.

It’s that simple! Fan that take action with REVERB can enter to win a chance to meet members of Guster after the show.

Tour Sustainability

Like all Guster tours, REVERB will be helping the band reduce the environmental footprint. Efforts include:

  • Neutralizing carbon emissions related to ground travel
  • Eliminating single-use plastic on the tour bus and backstage
  • Reusable water bottles and insulated mugs for band and crew
  • Eco-Friendly cleaning products for the tour bus


At Every Show

  • Music Climate Revolution

  • Volunteers

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