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Dead & Company Summer 2019


Dead & Company Summer Tour 2019

Trucking off to another green tour

Impact Highlights
  • 17,500+ Fan Actions in Participation Row
  • $217,988 Raised to Support Nonprofits
  • 11,500+ Single-use Water Bottles Eliminated at Shows
  • 748 Dead & Company Fans Registered to Vote

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REVERB has partnered with Dead & Company since 2015 to reduce the environmental footprint of their tours while helping to increase their positive impact in Participation Row with our partners HeadCount.

We were back at it this summer working behind the scenes to make the tour more sustainable and engaging fans to take action for people and the planet.


Participation Row

REVERB, HeadCount, and Dead & Company Family Orgs were at every show this summer in Participation Row with lots of opportunities for fans to get involved.

  • Donate for a 2019 #RockNRefill bottle
  • Register to vote with HeadCount
  • Support a 100% Clean Energy Future with Environmental Defense Fund
  • Ditch Disposables and fill up at the free REVERB water refill station

And much more…

Fans that took action were entered to win a custom Dead & Company D’Angelico Guitar signed by the band!

Tour Sustainability

REVERB worked closely with the band and crew to increase the sustainability on the Summer 2019 Tour. Greening efforts included:

  • Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs for all band and crew
  • Water refill stations backstage
  • Recycling backstage and on all buses
  • Composting in catering
  • Reusable and compostable serviceware for buses and catering
  • Eco-Friendly cleaning products for all buses

And more! Check out the Impact Results from the 2018 tour!

At Every Show

  • #RockNRefill

  • Backstage Greening

  • Community Support

  • Volunteers

  • Water Station

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