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Dave Matthews Band 2018 Tour

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Support Conservation in Africa with Dave Matthews Band

Support Conservation in Africa with Dave Matthews Band

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Conservation and Sustainability, DMB and Their Fans Are Taking Action for Both This Year

Dave Matthews Band and REVERB are working together to support wildlife conservation and continue our joint effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the band’s tours. Fans can do their part, too!

REVERB and Dave Matthews Band have worked together since 2005, creating measurable change for people and the planet and working with hundreds of thousands of fans to do the same.  This year, we’re continuing our efforts to support wildlife conservation in Africa focusing specifically on the rhino and elephant populations.

Visit the BamaGreen Eco-Village at every show and:

  • Donate for a 2018 Dave Matthews Band #RockNRefill bottle and fill up at the free water station
  • Take a photo at the NRDC Photo Booth
  • Check out the photo display of Dave’s trip to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya with Conservation International
  • Register to vote with HeadCount

All proceeds from the #RockNRefill bottles will go to support rhino and elephant conservation efforts.

We’ll also be giving away ticket upgrades to five lucky fans, plus a guest, at every show! Fans can enter by taking action at the Eco-Village. We’ll see you on tour!

Dave Matthews Band 2018


At Every Show

  • #RockNRefill

  • Backstage Greening

  • Eco-Village

  • Farm-to-Stage

  • Volunteers

  • Water Station

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