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Dispatch’s dedication to causes is so strong that it reunited them after they broke up.

Starting with their historic sold-out Madison Square Garden reunion show in 2007, REVERB has worked to rally Dispatch and State Radio fans to join the bands’ incredible efforts to support social and environmental causes. We also partner with the organizations the band members founded – Calling All Crows and Love Light + Melody – to amplify their work while reducing the environmental footprint of each tour.

Because social and environmental change is core to Dispatch’s DNA, REVERB has worked with the band to support a variety of causes including sustainable agriculture, mental health, ditching disposables, ending illegal logging and much more.

We set up Action Villages at their shows to empower fans to be a part of solving these issues along with everything else the band is doing in their “off-the-road” lives.

Dispatch fans are some of the most active we’ve seen because of this band’s unflinching commitment to make a difference.  From beach clean-ups to planting organic vegetables for community farms, we’ve been honored to be a part of Dispatch’s efforts to bring as many people along on their journey to bettering this world.

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