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Dead & Company: Dead Forever

Dead & Company and REVERB are partnering together for the band’s residency at Sphere Las Vegas to take action for people and the planet

Dead & Company has partnered with REVERB since the band’s first tour in 2015. While the touring may be over, the  partnership is still going strong and so is the legacy of supporting nonprofit organizations and important causes. Dead & Company and REVERB are also helping to fund greenhouse gas reduction and climate justice projects.



Join REVERB and HeadCount at Participation Row located at the Dead Forever Experience at The Venetian! Open from 10am – 6pm on Wednesday thru Sunday* of all show weekends, fans can join Dead & Company in taking action for people and the planet.
*Thursday thru Monday, Memorial Day Weekend

  • #ROCKNREFILL Ditch disposables by donating for a custom Dead Forever reusable Nalgene water bottle and fill up for FREE at the water refill stations located within Sphere
  • REGISTER TO VOTE Use your voice and your vote! Visit HeadCount to get registered or check your registration
  • MUSIC CLIMATE REVOLUTION Take the Food Quiz to test your knowledge about food’s impact on the climate and how you can reduce your “food-print”
Fans that take three or more actions and fill out a Participation Row Passport will receive a one-of-a-kind pin and an entry for the grand prize: A REMO DRUMHEAD SIGNED BY DEAD & COMPANY


Dead & Company and REVERB are partnering to take climate action as part of the band’s residency at Sphere Las Vegas. A dollar from every ticket sold for Dead Forever will go to REVERB’s Climate Project Portfolio to address the complex intersectional challenges of the climate crisis.

Dead & Company’s climate action involves two key steps:

    Measure CO2e from band and crew travel, shipping, gear transport, hotel stays, venue energy usage, and more
    In acknowledgement of the climate impact of the Sphere residency, Dead & Company is supporting REVERB’s Climate Project Portfolio. This portfolio is designed to fund verified greenhouse gas reductions to neutralize measured emissions, address climate justice, strengthen communities facing the worst impacts of the warming planet, support organizations taking important climate action, and advance decarbonization efforts in the music industry.
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Dead & Company is a proud partner of Music Climate Revolution. They’re part of a growing list of partners including artists, industry leaders, fans, and more that are committed to taking immediate, ongoing, and increasing action on the climate crisis. To join the effort and see climate action resources for all members of the music community, please visit the Music Climate Revolution

See the Dead & Company 2023 Impact Report

At Every Show

  • #RockNRefill

  • Backstage Greening

  • Community Support

  • Music Climate Revolution

  • Nonprofits

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