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REVERB’s Quarantine Kitchen – Episode 17: The Lumineers’ Jeremiah Fraites

We’re going global in episode 17

Jeremiah Fraites – the co-founder of The Lumineers – is a musician, composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. You’d figure with a résumé like that, Jeremiah would be content to focus on creating music like his new solo album Piano Piano. But now that he’s living in Italy, he’s taking a stab at cooking an Italian classic: Cacio e Pepe!

Jeremiah and his in-laws join host / REVERB Co-Director / Guster Frontman Adam Gardner LIVE from Italy! Come for the pasta, stay for the Italian lessons!

Check out the ingredients and video below!

Special thanks to our partners at Clif Bar & Company for their support of Quarantine Kitchen and donating 1,000 Clif Bars to Jeremiah’s nonprofit of choice: WhyHunger!


  • Boil 320 grams (~12 oz.) of bucatini pasta
  • Grate 200 grams (~7 oz.) pecorino romano cheese
  • Crushed black pepper (to taste)