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Caroline’s Quarantine Cleanup

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been itching for ways to fill your time while social distancing/quarantine protocols are in place.

And, if you’re everything like me, a lot of that time has been filled with Netflix binges, organizing and reorganizing the house, and pacing the neighborhood streets. But as summer winds down and reality starts to set back in, I want to use this extra time for good. So get your shoes on… we’re going on a quarantine clean up.

Tuesday, August 11, I encourage you to join me in cleaning up around your community. This could be in a local park, along a nature trail, or even downtown. Make sure to grab a secure mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, and a trash bag for your adventure.

Of course, with COVID-19 among us, we must keep ourselves and others as safe as possible while we clean up our communities.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe outside:
  • Wear your mask!! Remember to keep it on at all times, especially since you will be handling trash that could be contaminated (plus, trash is just gross in general)
  • Stay distant from others. As simple as this sounds, if you are cleaning up a narrow trail or in the city, you will likely encounter other individuals. Do your best to give them space and turn your face away as you pass one another.
  • Bring a buddy, but create your own bubbles. To ensure your own safety, it would be great to bring a family member or close friend. However, it is just as important to stay distant from them as it is with strangers! Stay close enough to be aware of each other, but maintain your own bubbles.
  • Minimize exposure to trash. Handle items only with gloves and keep gloves on at all times. Dispose of the trash as soon as possible. If visiting multiple locations, find a trash can to dispose of collected trash before transitioning.
  • Apply hand sanitizer immediately after disposing of trash and removing gloves. Handle gloves from inside-only: do not touch the exposed glove with bare hands.
Share the Experience!

If you participate in your own Quarantine Clean Up, post on your story and tag @reverb_org with the hashtag #QuarantineCleanUp. One person’s trash is another person’s Instagram Story promoting environmental action!