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Actions of the Week June 10 – June 16

Just because you may be stuck at home right now, doesn’t mean you can’t take action for people and the planet. Each week, REVERB is working with our partners to find ways for you to take meaningful action!

Ocean-300x240Take Action for the Ocean!

What covers 70% of the earth, acts as a primary protein source for over 3 billion people, and provides the majority of Earth’s oxygen?

If you guessed the ocean, then winner winner sustainable seafood dinner!

Monday was World Oceans Day, so check out some things you can do to protect our oceans!

BLM-300x240The Many Ways to Help

Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement is not just about protesting in the streets. There are many ways you can show your solidarity and be a true ally.

Check out these resources to see all the ways you can be a part of this movement for Freedom, Liberation, and Justice.