Thompson’s Point 2023



Action Village

Since The State Theatre hosted its first show at Thompson’s Point in 2015, REVERB has helped reduce the environmental footprint of shows and empowered fans to take action for the local community. This season, with help from our partners at Toad&Co, we continued the tradition of creating positive impact!

  • 23,800+ Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles
    Nearly 3,000 gallons of water dispensed at shows in 2023
  • 30,000+ Actions for People and the Planet
    Including donating for bottles, filling up at the water refill station, signing up to volunteer locally and more!
  • 400 Volunteer Hours
    134 Volunteers throughout the season

Community Support

Local Nonprofits

REVERB was proud to host 4 local nonprofits at shows this year, offering fans a chance to connect with organizations creating positive change in the community.

  • Chickadeeds
  • Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition
  • Sebago Clean Waters
  • Marine Mammals of Maine

Special Thanks!

Thank you for making the season at Thompson’s Point a success for people and the planet!

Lauren Wayne
The State Theatre
Thompson’s Point
Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition
All the volunteers and fans who took action to create positive change!