unCHANGEit: Take Action – Festivals


Creating a mini-city for a weekend absolutely has an impact on the planet. The good news is that festival organizers have the power to design planet-friendly infrastructure from the ground up.

Check out some impactful ways you can take climate action and visit our full FESTIVAL RESOURCES PAGE for more information

Neutralize Your Carbon Emissions

Building a small city for a music festival creates a significant climate footprint. But through smart infrastructure decisions and diligent tracking, you can address a festival’s carbon emissions and create a top notch event for both fans and the planet.

Artist and Staff Catering

Food production is responsible for one quarter of the planet’s carbon emissions and accounts for a significant portion of any event’s carbon footprint. But through small but important efforts, festivals can decrease their emissions and increase the positive impact they have on fans, the local community, and the planet.

Sustainable Planning

Green Festival Infrastructure

The difference between a great festival and merely a good one is attention to detail. Take that expertise and plan for climate success at your festival to align your festival with your climate consciousness.

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