unCHANGEit Resources: Artists & Tours

Climate Action on Tour

Fighting climate change doesn’t mean the end of live music touring. Find resources below to reduce your footprint on tour, engage your fans in the fight, and eliminate the carbon emissions you can’t reduce through action.



Fully eliminating a tour’s climate footprint through action and smart infrastructure choices isn’t yet a reality. But you can still neutralize your carbon emissions – or even be CLIMATE POSITIVE – by funding greenhouse gas fighting projects around the world.

Also known as offsets, you can directly eliminate an equivalent amount of a tour’s carbon emissions through funding important global projects. By calculating things like artist, crew, and fan travel and housing, venue energy source and total usage, and other key emissions generators, you can eliminate your footprint to achieve neutrality.

Or go beyond being neutral! Eliminate more than your tour’s footprint to achieve climate positivity.


Did you know not all offsets are the same? When it comes to offsets quality, effectiveness, price, and certifications can vary widely. It’s important to choose the best and most impactful offsets to ensure the best results for the planet and your funds.

REVERB works with some of the best offset organizations to maximize positive climate impact. Reach out to learn more.

Be Mindful of Miles

Commercial flights have a smaller impact than private. BioDiesel fuel can temper the impact of bus and van drives, and is available at many truck stops. When possible, combine longer runner errands and pick ups. Routing, when possible, should consider total travel.



We’ve toured with several catering companies who can offer fully vegetarian or even vegan catering, or strong vegetarian and vegan options to cut meat consumption among artists and crew:

DEGA: Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour Catering


Food Donations

It’s estimated that one-third of all food produced is wasted. In the US alone, the production of lost or wasted food generates the equivalent of 37 million cars’ worth of greenhouse gas emissions. (Source: World Wildlife Fund) Reduce your footprint by reducing waste; donate unused catering when you can.

MUSICALLY FED has worked with us on major arena tours to ensure food is collected or received at odd times and days



A City-by-City Guide to Donating Food After Events

Service Ware

Metal or bamboo reusable utensil sets can be issued to each crew member and labeled so that you don’t end up with a bus sink full of gross. Prices and inclusions vary quite a bit. Here are sets we’ve used and liked: Chico, Roaming Cooking

When disposables are unavoidable, it matters which ones you choose. Bagasse is sugar cane waste; super green and compostable choice for plates and bowls. PLA is plastic made from corn, but cannot be stored at high temps (will melt in a truck in the summer!) Potato starch is a great choice for forks, knives, and spoons, but is only copostable at a commercial composter. Paper for cups and plates is always better than plastic! A vendor to start with: Eco-Products


Reusable Crew bottles: Of course, the greenest option is to ask everyone to bring a bottle they use at home. But it can get an excellent crew gift and get rid of excuses if the tour provides reusables. REVERB works with Nalgene to offer music tours a special deal for customized crew bottles as a part of our Rock N Refill program. Contact us for details.

Insulated Mugs: Steely’s

Sustainable Beverages: LAViT

Disposable Water Options (if disposables can’t be avoided): JUST Water


Funding The Fight

$1 (or pound or Euro) can be added to each ticket if included at the contract phase. This $1 is collected per ticket sold by the promoter and typically paid directly to REVERB or another charity at settlement. For tours promoted nationally by one entity (Live Nation, AEG, etc.) they can actually collect and distribute the donation at the end of each leg. REVERB can provide more information, including a template to give to promoters, other requred paperwork, and inspiration for distributing the funds among important causes. This is a great way to make your tour climate positive as well!



Ensure your venue requests are in line with your climate consciousness. Request recycling, composting, and green energy policies. Ask venues what they already have in place and what they’re able to do for your show. The more often they hear these concerns from artists,the more likely they are to make permanent changes.


Sell Smart

When you choose new merch items, consider their footprint. Where are they coming from? How planet-intense is the harvest of the materials? What’s the shipping weight and is there a lighter option? Is there excessive packaging that could be negotiated? And on the road, eliminate plastic merch bags.

Sustainable music merch vendor/distribution: Ambient Inks, Key Production (UK)

Sustainable T-Shirts: SustainU Clothing

Donate Misprints or old shirts: Marine Layer

Repurpose old shirts w/ on-site screen printing: Learn More

Carry merch with a % of proceeds benefiting the environment: See Example



Share your environmental concerns with fans and let them know what steps you’re taking. Offer and encourage them to get involved via social media or at shows. Partner with non-profit organizations that could use a signal boost. From a one time post online to a display at merch each show, your support can raise the profile of climate causes.

You don't have to fight climate change on your own. REVERB is here to help! Get in touch and get started today!