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Join Music's Fight Against Climate Change

It's Time for Climate Change to Face the Music

Music is unlike anything else in the world in its power to change hearts, minds, and actions. unCHANGEit harnesses that power to fight climate change through reducing emissions, supporting a clean climate future, and using our collective voice to demand world leaders take action.

The music industry is a powerful group and together we can make an immense positive impact when it comes to fighting climate change. Whether it's reducing your carbon footprint on the road, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions at your studio or office, a desire to learn more about climate change, or resources to engage your fans, REVERB and the unCHANGEit Campaign can help.

No matter if you sell out arenas or bars, if you're in the spotlight or rigging the spotlight, whether you're a multi-continent business or a company of one, you can create a better future. We can help.

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