unCHANGEit Action: Calculate & Eliminate Your Carbon


Confronting your carbon footprint is an important first step in fighting for the future of our planet. Use the calculator below to assess your footprint and consider neutralizing your emissions and supporting global carbon-fighting projects with offsets. Learn more about offsets HERE.

How To Use The Calculator

Individuals or Single Events
1. Calculate regular commutes and/or significant one-time travel
2. Calculate your home’s footprint based on region and square footage
3. Calculate the emissions from an event

Artists and Industry
This calculator can give you a a good idea of what your carbon footprint looks like and can handle one-off events. For tours, festivals, offices, and more complex projects, please reach out to and we can create a custom calculation for you.

The calculator will add it up and offer you the opportunity to offset immediately.

Reducing your footprint is the first step toward carbon neutrality.