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While large-scale efforts are needed to tackle climate change, we all have a role to play in fighting for our future. Individual actions - multiplied by millions of people taking them - really add up! Check out some actions you can take immediately to start reducing your carbon footprint.

Action 1

Eat Less Meat

The world’s food supply chain accounts for roughly 26% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. And over half of that – 14.5% – comes from livestock production, especially ruminants like cows, sheep, and goats. By eating vegetarian or vegan one day each week, a person can reduce their carbon footprint by 1 tonne! Learn more about the power of changing your diet to fight climate change and find resources to help you achieve your goals.

Action 2

End Fast Fashion

Fast fashion refers to trendy clothing that’s cheaply made, cheaply sold, and quickly discarded. It’s a big industry with a big environmental footprint. In fact, since 2000, clothing production has more than doubled and consumers are buying 60% more clothes annually. Fast fashion has become such a source of waste that one garbage truck of clothes is burned or sent to landfills, EVERY SECOND. Put an end to fast fashion. Learn how you can break this cycle and become sustainably fashionable.

Action 3

Vampire Energy Waste

Vampire energy waste, also known as standby energy, refers to the power consumed by appliances and other home electronics when they’re not in use. By some estimates, vampire energy waste accounts for 10% of the total residential energy used in the United States and accounts for 1% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

Don’t be a sucker. Learn how you can eliminate vampire energy waste in your life.

Action 4

Use Your Voice

We all need to be leaders on climate change. Whether it’s talking about the problem with friends and family, advocating for climate action from policymakers or industry-leaders, or joining organizations that are fighting for a better future for the planet, your voice matters. In fact, studies have shown that peer influence is one of the most powerful drivers of change. So help create the changes we need to fight for our future! Learn the facts about climate change and start using your voice today.

I pledge to Take Action against climate change.

As individuals, we have the opportunity to make a huge difference. By making slight lifestyle changes, we can reduce our carbon footprint and promote safer, more sustainable ways of living. Will you pledge to join us in taking these actions?