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Join Music’s Climate Campaign

unCHANGEit is uniting the music community in the fight against climate change. We’re a powerful group—musicians, fans, venues, festivals, and more—and we are using our voices, our dollars, and our daily actions to take on the threat posed by climate change.

Together, We Are:

Funding and building projects that directly fight climate change and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions
Using our voices to demand that world leaders act on climate change NOW
Empowering everyone to take actions that lead to real, positive change


There’s no time to wait! According to a recent UN Report, we have just about a decade to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming under 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial levels. So we’re taking action now.

Click on the actions below to learn more and start reducing your carbon footprint today. And stayed tuned for more news and action from the music community!

Take Action on Climate Change