The Musician’s Pledge

The Musician’s Pledge states:

Widespread illegal logging is placing at risk the wood we treasure in our musical instruments, and thus the future of music as we know it. As musicians dedicated to our art and to protecting the earth’s natural resources, we call on everyone involved in the sourcing, crafting and production of musical instruments to join us in our commitment to eliminate all trade in illegally logged timber and forest products. We will not buy a new instrument without asking where the wood comes from and if it was harvested legally and sustainably.

We support the Lacey Act and other laws that prohibit trade in illegally sourced wood and we oppose the efforts currently underway to weaken the Lacey Act. We urge lawmakers, suppliers and craftsmen to ensure that our art has a positive impact on the environment rather than contributing to forest destruction. We call on our fellow musicians to do the same.

Please lend your voice to help protect rainforests from illegal logging.



Mick Jagger Sting
Dave Matthews Band Jack Johnson
Willie Nelson Maroon 5
Jason Mraz My Morning Jacket
Linkin Park David Crosby
Lenny Kravitz Barenaked Ladies
Sarah McLachlan John Kay (Steppenwolf)
Bryan Adams Simon Le Bon
Deborah Harry Brandi Carlile
Lily Allen Sara Bareilles
Bonnie Raitt Brad Corrigan (Dispatch)
Guster Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel)
Bob Weir Of A Revolution (O.A.R.)
Ryan Dobrowski & Israel Nebeker (Blind Pilot) The Cab
Pat Simmons (Doobie Brothers) Jack Antonoff
Brett Dennen Razia Said
Lana Del Ray Jools Holland