Maroon 5 and Train are on the hunt for their greenest fan! Think you've got what it takes to compete? We're looking for fun and creative videos that show us why YOU'RE the greenest fan!

How to Enter

  • Step 1: Create a video that shows at least four of the seven eco-friendly items from the scavenger list below. These can be from the concert, or things you find in your everyday life.
  • Step 2: "Like" the Reverb Facebook page.
  • Step 3: Submit your video by September 30, 2011 by posting it on the Reverb Facebook page wall.
  • Step 4: Starting October 3, 2011 ask your friends to "Like" your video.

How to Win & the Prize

  • Semi-finalists will consist of the five videos that receive the most "Likes" from fans on Facebook, PLUS a sixth video that is chosen by Reverb staff.
  • Members of Maroon 5, Train and Reverb staff will select one winner from the semi-finalists.
  • One grand-prize winner will recieve a trip for two in Belize, provided by Intrepid Travel (airfare not included; official Terms & Conditions)

Judging Criteria

Videos will be judged based on:

  • Showing at least four of the seven items on the scavenger list below.
  • "Green-ness"
  • Creativity

Scavenger Hunt

Going to the show? Look for the "Greenest Fan Scavenger Hunt" signs; they'll point out some of the green things at the concert!

Missing the show this time? Show us these eco-friendly things in your everyday life!

The following are examples; if you have another way to show us how you act in each green category, go for it!

  Find It at the Show Find It at Home
Carpool to the show with your friends! Not only will you save gas money, you'll avoid creating additional carbon dioxide emissions. Don't have a ride? Check out Zimride to find other fans who want to carpool. You can also use Zimride to set up your own carpooling groups or find rides around your community. Or, show us how you and your friends share rides to work or school!
Public Transportation
Many venues are on public transit routes, or have shuttles set up for concert-goers. Check out the venue website, or do a search for public transit options in your town! Check out the public transportation options in your community. A good place to start is
Reusable Water Bottles
We'll be setting up water filling stations at each tour stop. Bring your (empty) reusable bottle to fill up for free! The cost of bottled water is up to 10,000 more expensive than tap water. Save some dough and cut back on plastic waste by using a reusable bottle at home.
Organic or Eco-Friendly Merchandise or Clothing
Check out the merchandise booth and look for eco-friendly options like tour water bottles or t-shirts made from organic cotton and recycled materials. Goods made from organic cotton or recycled materials are more earth-friendly than their traditional counterparts. When possible, choose goods made from these materials!
Carbon Footprint
Check out the Reverb Eco-Village at the show to make a donation to offset a portion of your carbon footprint. We'll work with NativeEnergy to invest in clean energy projects! You can use the NativeEnergy calculator to figure out the size of your carbon footprint , then make a carbon offset purchase, all online!
Support an Environmental Non-Profit
Visit the Reverb Eco-Village at the show to support a local environmental non-profit organization. Sign up for their email list, a future volunteer opportunity, or simply learn more about how you can get involved! Have a favorite environmental non-profit you support at home? Let us know about it in your video!
Support Reverb
Come visit our booth in the Eco-Village to sign up for our email list - we'll let you know about volunteer opportunities, giveaways and which tours will be coming your way. Sign up for the Reverb email list online, or come "Like" us on Facebook to stay in the loop on where we'll be and what we're doing.

Rules & Deadlines

  • Videos should be less than three minutes.
  • Videos must be submitted on the Reverb Facebook wall; submissions will not be accepted via email.
  • Video submissions will be accepted from August 1, 2011 until September 30, 2011.
  • Votes in the form of "Likes" per video will be accepted starting October 3, 2011 until October 28, 2011.