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We're pleased to have continuing support and partnerships with the following businesses and organizations.

Ben & Jerry's

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Ben & Jerry's produces a wide variety of super-premium ice cream and ice cream novelties, using dairy products from a Vermont dairy cooperative and high-quality ingredients. The founding values of the company are economic and social justice, environmental restoration and peace through understanding.

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Brita - FilterForGood

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Brita® is the World’s #1 Brand of household water filtration. They transform ordinary tap water into cleaner, great-tasting water without the cost and waste of bottled water. Renew yourself, save money and reduce your impact on the Earth. The FilterForGood campaign raises awareness of simple changes everyone can make to live eco-friendly lives. Help us improve the environment one bottle at a time by staying hydrated with filtered water and a reusable bottle instead of disposable bottled water.

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Brita Hydration Station

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The Brita® Hydration Station™ is a touch-free, hygienic, water dispenser that allows users to enjoy the benefits of great-tasting water without the waste or cost of bottled water. One Brita® Hydration Station™ can reduce the consumption of as many as 36,000 standard 16.9oz bottles each year.

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Cali Bamboo

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Founded in 2004 with a single delivery van and a garage full of bamboo fencing, Cali Bamboo has grown as fast as the bamboo we supply. Adding new products like flooring, plywood, panelling and composite decking, Cali Bamboo has met the market’s growing demand for high quality green building materials. As a testament to this growth, 2011 marked Cali Bamboo’s third consecutive year as an Inc 500/5000 fastest-growing company and a local fastest-growing company according to the San Diego Business Journal.Cali Bamboo continues to innovate and expand both the materials and applications for green building.

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Climate Counts

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Climate Counts is a non-profit campaign that scores companies annually on the basis of their voluntary action to reverse climate change. The Climate Counts Company Scorecard - launched in June 2007 - helps people vote with their dollars by making climate-conscious purchasing and investing choices that put pressure on the world's most well-known companies to take the issue of climate change seriously. Launched by organics pioneer Stonyfield Farm, Climate Counts believes everyday consumers can be the most important activists in the fight against global warming.

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HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to inspiring participation in democracy through the power of music. Their message is simple: "Make your voice heard every day, not just on Election Day." Since 2004, they've registered more than 150,000 voters through a nationwide volunteer effort at concerts. Taking a natural step forward, they are now guiding young voters toward becoming involved and active citizens.

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Intrepid Travel

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For travelers with a yearning to get off the beaten track, Intrepid opens up a whole new world of adventure travel. With a huge variety of tours available, Intrepid travelers explore the world's most amazing places - from the back streets of Asia, to the wilds of Africa, to the colorful landscapes of Latin America.

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Late July

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Late July is proud to be an independent, family owned company dedicated to making delicious organic, NON-GMO snacks! It’s Late July's mission to ensure that future generations of families always have access to delicious food free from GMOs, toxic persistent pesticides and antibiotics.

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Liberty Bottleworks

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Liberty Bottleworks makes the only American-made metal bottle in the marketplace. They are BPA free, recycled materials and recyclable. The aluminum construction means less dents, greater durability, and precise construction, while the food-grade coats keep your drink clean. At the heart of Liberty Bottleworks is a desire to make a difference in our world. It starts with our company culture of stewardship and leads by example through supporting like minded organizations. We believe that most people want to do the right thing when it comes to helping each other, our environment and providing sustainable solutions. Visit Liberty Bottleworks »


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Nalgene makes a wide range of BPA free reusable water bottles and containers to suit your personal preferences, needs and lifestyle. So whether you're looking for a virtually indestructible water bottle for a backcountry adventure, or you want a clean, green way of storing your dry pasta, you'll find a Nalgene product that gets the job done. Visit NALGENE »


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Help support a new Native American-owned wind farm. Compensate for your global warming pollution and help NativeEnergy build new renewable energy projects that generate more than just electricity; they also help Native American tribes develop sustainable economies based on the gift of wind.

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Oxfam International is a confederation of 13 like-minded organizations working together and with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change.

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We are an accessible community of non-traditional, gutsy, gear ninjas doing the right thing. We invite you to interact with us personally, buy from us directly and represent us in your community. We are innovative in our efforts to be environmentally and socially responsible and will always over-deliver on service and value. Warning: Riding RAMP may significantly increase your risk of skipping school or work.

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Actor/activist Adrian Grenier and film producer Peter Glatzer founded SHFT after creating the TV show ALTER ECO for Discovery’s Planet Green. The two teamed with sustainability/design expert Lauren Gropper to build a platform that uses new media to curate and position the myriad sustainable choices now available to us and to highlight and nudge the cultural shift taking place. SHFT’s first original series, LIGHTEN UP, sponsored by Stonyfield Farm and with the cooperation of Reverb, follows bands as they reduce their carbon footprint on their road tours.

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Silk Soymilk

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What’s behind a glass of Silk? Nutrition, dedication and a whole lot of air. Clean air, that is. Why? Because every drop of delicious, nutritious Silk is manufactured by offsetting the electricity we use with clean, sustainable wind energy. That’s their commitment to your health – and the planet’s.

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Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance

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The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA) is a non-profit organization created to promote sustainable biodiesel practices, including the harvesting, production and distribution of biodiesel fuels. The ultimate goal is to create a certification program for verifying that all points along the production and distribution chain are in compliance with the SBA’s standards of sustainability.

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Taylor Guitars

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As a leading manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars, Taylor Guitars recognizes it has a responsibility to the environment, players, suppliers and employees to be responsible stewards of natural resources to safeguard the future. Taylor applies this innovative thinking in its exploration of alternative woods and advanced milling and manufacturing techniques to reduce waste and promote the long-term availability of resources. Many of today’s leading musicians make Taylor their guitar of choice, including Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, Barenaked Ladies, and many others.

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UPS (NYSE: UPS) is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad
range of solutions including the transportation of packages and freight; the
facilitation of international trade, and the deployment of advanced
technology to more efficiently manage the world of business.
Headquartered in Atlanta, UPS serves more than 220 countries and
territories worldwide. The company can be found on the Web at UPS.com
and its corporate blog can be found at blog.ups.com. To get UPS news
direct, visit pressroom.ups.com/RSS.

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