John Mayer: They Served, Now We Serve

Since 2007 REVERB and John have been working together to make his tours greener while engaging fans in environmental issues. Beginning in 2011 our program has included his efforts to support veterans through a partnership with the Veterans Health and Integration Program (VHIP). This will be our third time on the road with John this summer, including his Spring tour and Summer Dead & Company tour!

Thank you to all who supported REVERB & VHIP on the Spring tour, we hope to see you this Summer!

Click through the below impact report for tour results:


They Served…

In 2011, John Mayer and his fans began providing financial support to a Northern California team of doctors, civilians, therapists and veterans, now called VHIP. This project takes a scientific approach to the critical needs of the veteran population and aims to improve the understanding of the long term wounds of combat service, quality of life for veterans and so much more.

Now We Serve…

Take Action
  • In the Action Village at every John Mayer show:
    • Volunteer Drive: Sign up to volunteer for local nonprofits in your area, and be entered to win a signed Martin Guitar!
    • RockNRefill: Donate for a custom John Mayer water bottle from Nalgene and fill up on clean, fresh water for free all night long. Your donation supports nonprofit work and helps us keep single-use plastic out of the oceans and landfills. Learn more at
    • Take a photo in the Clean Energy Advisors photobooth and charge your phone with clean, renewable energy!
    • For any action you take you’re entered to win a signed Martin Guitar!

Congratulations to John, our guitar winner from this year’s Spring tour!

John Mayer Signed Guitar Auction

Find the Action Village and you can enter your bid on this John Mayer signed guitar!

The current bid is: $0.00

If you are interested in counter bidding please email for more information.

  • Online, Right Now
    • If you can’t make it to a show, don’t worry. We want everyone to have an opportunity to support their community through volunteering. Head to to see what organizations near you need your help!


And a huge thank you to our greening partners!