Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Summer 2017

Since 2005, REVERB and Dave Matthews Band have partnered on the BamaGreen Project.

Although 2017 marked the first time REVERB has worked on a Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds tour, we’re proud to have collaborated on the BamaGreen Project for the past 13 years with Dave Matthews Band. BamaGreen is a partnership between REVERB and the Dave Matthews team to reduce the band’s environmental footprint while touring, and engage fans to take action toward a more sustainable future. Whether it’s sourcing biodiesel for the band’s fleet of trucks and buses, providing local farm food for catering or raising money for the conservation of endangered Rhinos, we’ve done it all, thanks to you. Check out the greening results from Dave & Tim’s 2017 Summer Tour below:

Click through the below impact report for tour results:



TAKE ACTION in the Summer 2017 Eco-Village:


This year, when you donate $15 for a custom Dave & Tim Nalgene water bottle through our #RockNRefill program, you’ll be able to choose between four incredible nonprofits to receive your donaiton. Each of the following groups will be with us all tour, and you get to decide who to support with your donation and by taking action with them:

  • Conservation International
    • Sign and send a note to thank rangers who risk their lives to protect wildlife
  • Planned Parenthood
    • Use your voice to ensure access to health care by contacting your representative, posting on social media, or signing up to volunteer
  • ACLU
    • Sign a petition to support marriage equality, fair Homeland Security, and Planned Parenthood
  • HeadCount
    • Register to vote and sign up to be notified in advance of your next local election

This year, we’re going to fight harder than ever. That’s why we’re proud to be partnering with Clean Energy Advisors as our official greening partner of 2017. CEA understands that renewable energy needs to be the most economically-competitive form of energy. With your help, REVERB and CEA will educate thousands of fans on the urgent need for increased solar power, and we’ll engage concert goers to help bring more solar projects onto the grid.


2016 Greening Results: