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REVERB Blog – Volunteer Program – What happens to your REVERB Volunteer Application once you click “submit application”?

By Paige Roth

Paige Roth is REVERB’s Community Coordinator and Volunteer Program Manager

Every REVERB volunteer looks forward to spring, as much for the warm(er) weather as for the opening of the REVERB summer tour applications! Imagine – you’ve applied to volunteer in a REVERB Eco-Village for your favorite sustainably-minded band. What happens after you click “submit”?

Each REVERB volunteer application portal is tied to the REVERB database. We use the REVERB database to keep track of our tours and the constituents that make our greening efforts possible – volunteers, non-profit partners and suppliers like organic farms and biofuel companies.

After you click “submit”, your application goes into a pending applications queue in the REVERB database. We read each applicant’s answer to the question “why do you want to volunteer for REVERB?” to better understand why they are interested in volunteering with us.

Each REVERB applicant has their own file in our database. I review the applicant’s record to see if they have volunteered with us before and discover the story their record tells. If the applicant has volunteered previously, I read any notes that REVERB staffers have made in the file, and I check their attendance record. Maybe they volunteer exclusively for one band, or maybe they volunteer for every REVERB tour that comes to their community. Maybe they have traveled to help at shows; maybe it’s been a while since they’ve last volunteered. Maybe they’ve never volunteered before and have just discovered REVERB through a friend or a band’s social media.

I take all of this information into consideration and then I approve, wait list or deny the application. The database is so helpful – once an application has been reviewed, it automatically emails each volunteer to notify them of their status.

If a show has already reached its volunteer capacity, I often have to wait list great applicants. If you are placed on the waiting list, however, don’t lose hope! There’s still a good chance that there will be cancellations in the days leading up to the show, in which case you could be pulled from the waiting list and offered a volunteer spot.

As you can see (read?), I take the volunteer application process seriously, and a lot of consideration goes into forming each volunteer team! Each application is special and important to REVERB – so keep them coming!